What’s the meaning of Dil Tercüme?


İngilizce-Tercüme-ÇeviriThe meaning of Dil Tercüme in Turkish is:


Dil Translations office is a Turkish bureau, which operates international. We look back to several years of experience, which made us to one of the most succesful translation offices on the east side of the Atlantic ocean.We offer translation solutions for over 70 languages in 200 countries.

Medical, technical, legal or financial translations in Turkish, English, German, Russian, Spanish, French, İtalian, Arabic etc.For professional translators, many years of experience and a University degree in their specific field is a must to work with us. İf you need a translation from English into Turkish or every other language pairs, just don’t hesitate.

You can reach us by email or telephone, which can be found under CONTACT